Witching hour

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Tis the exact hour of night
Orbed is the moon and bright
Dismiss it all to have no woes
For danger be with any foes

The witching hour is known to all as the hour of the night where magic happens. All are asleep in their beds save for the witches and the spirits… And at the shoot for this collection, LDC Fashion received a special visit from its very own trickster spirit.

As soon as our model walked out in the Evil Eye dress, the lightbox began smoking, despite being fine for the rest of the shoot. The smoke poured from the light until suddenly all power was lost- but only in the half of the building where the photo shoot was taking place. There were no short circuits and the safety switch hadn’t been tripped either. The following day an electrician came out to have a look and noticed no issues….very spooky ;)

If this release can please those outside of this realm, imagine how much those within it are going to love it! Featuring a range of kooky, dark and alternative prints, this collection is perfect for every winter witch.

The Witching Hour collection is available now from LDC Fashion.


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