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Hi Deadites! 

It’s nearly October!! And you all know what that means… It’s nearly our most favourite time of the of the year! We’ve been working really hard on this year’s Halloween release and we can’t wait to share it with you all really soon! I think it has something for everyone… whether you want to shock people with your gruesome outfit, look all creepy-cute or just sport a subtle reference to horror pop culture.. We’ve got you covered! So stay tuned as more details will be coming your way very soon! 

As you guys might have noticed I’ve added something super fun to the regular site, and now the VIP site as well. Once a day, if you head to the site, you’ll be entitled to a free spin which can win you massive discounts off your next order, a free product, or even a whole free order! Keep checking back to try your luck ‘cause besides being heaps of fun to try, we’ve had a whole bunch of Deadites win huge discounts and score some really great perks! 

Speaking of the VIP-only site, I hope you’ve all had a chance to check it out now that subscriptions have reopened again. If you’d like more info, have a look here: https://livingdead.com.au/pages/vip-sign-up. For the same price as a takeaway coffee a week you could have access to the exclusive VIP-only site which is packed with all the regular Living Dead stock PLUS sample stock, past mystery offer freebies and special offers not available anywhere else. Sample stock is updates twice-weekly so you’ll always find something fun and super exclusive there! 

I also have some news on some price updates that I’d like to take this chance to share with you all. Due to increased costs in the supply chain I am forced to pass on small increases to some patterns which will become effective in the next day or so. I have done my best to keep them nominal, which will ensure it isn’t a dramatic difference.

All tees with now be priced at $55, leggings $70, skater dresses $84, pocket skaters $89 and compression tights $119. After the initial trial/ feedback period and special introductory price, triple threat tees will now be available for $55. I will, as always, continue to investigate further efficiencies and cost effective manufacturing techniques and will of course update you all and pass on saving whenever and wherever possible.

November marks the fifth birthday of LDC. How time flies, and how awesome it is to have grown, with all you Deadites along for the ride. I can’t thank you enough for all of your unwavering support… The Deadite community is something I’m very proud of. I’m really looking forward to November when I’ll be sharing heaps of deals and exciting specials with you all.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for sneaks and further details on our Halloween collection; we can’t wait to share it with you all! 

Stay shiny,



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