The Magical Girls are here

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LDC FASHION, YEAH! *shouts of applause*

Today’s Mystery Monday is more magical than most, with the release of the Magical Girl collection. Our favourite Sailor Senshi’s and their feline friends return to us once more on a range of cheer sets, active wear and lots more!

Get your cheer on for your favourite team, TV show, movie- or hell just practise in front of your mirror and cheer for yourself! You’re a magical girl now, you can do what you want! Or if cheering isn’t your style, get outside and work up a sweat in the new range of active wear!

Baby it’s cold outside…and also exercise is the devil and I don’t wanna do it. <- If this is you, don’t worry, we feel you. That’s why this collection also has some winter warmers for those deadites who just need some comfy couch time and a good cup of tea. We’ve always got your back guys!

The Magical Girl collection is available now! Shop it at the Living Dead Clothing website


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