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The past year I have been strenuously researching large-scale sublimation operations in Europe to investigate technology advancements that might benefit myself as an Australian manufacturer, with hopes to ultimately reduce my cost of goods sold, while maintaining my current world class manufacturing and quality standards. It is clear that cheap Asian manufacturing facilities have over-saturated the printed apparel market which has resulted in an inundation of similar stock being available, in turn driving prices down. This is somewhat expected these days, as Asian manufacturers constantly find new niches to hone in on and cash in on. Every Australian manufacturer faces this issue, and as a result most have outsourced a portion of their products to be manufactured abroad, or moved their businesses overseas entirely. I refuse to do this!


My research has lead to the implementation of multiple machinery and technology advancements that are currently only used a small number of sublimation manufacturers in the world. The system has been rigorously tested, is extremely efficient and is cheaper for me to run. As a result in these lower manufacturing costs, I can now proudly pass on the savings to my customers. Instead of retaining the extra profits, I would much prefer to have the savings flow on to Deadites and ensure a wider audience can purchase my shiny things. 


I started LDC with the ethos of creating a comfortable, high quality and unique product and these advances in technology have enabled me to remain strong and relevant for the long term. I have much more planned for LDC which will be rolled out in the coming months but for now enjoy the lower prices ☺


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