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The new press has arrived!!

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So on Thursday, all our lives changed forever… our AMAZING new heat press finally arrived. You may be thinking, why is this such a big deal? Well! Our new heat press is quicker, faster, more eco friendly and the only one of its kind in Australia! This means we can make your orders so much quicker and do more of the things you love (like long length skaters) AND we are reducing the waste produced by creating these garments - how great is that!

With our old one, not all of the press would get hot enough for the ink to transfer from the paper on to the fabric (this is the sublimation process) so we couldn’t print as many things as we would have liked and paper was being wasted. But those days are gone and I’m sure both you and Mother Earth will thank us for making the swap :) 

What kinds of designs would you like to see us produce with our new heat press?

Our pretty new heat press! 

This is what your LDC looks like after being pressed, but before being cut and sewn! Incredible process, isn’t it?!

Our magic printer. Designs are printed out on to this paper, then the big roll of paper is fed through the heat press. This allows the ink to be infused straight into the fabric rather than sitting on top of it. That’s why your LDC still looks amazing years after you bought it! 


  • Anex: April 12, 2015

    So cool to see how LDC is made! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah: March 06, 2015

    I’d love to see more Pokemon things <3
    Eevee and all the evolutions are really popular, I think they’d sell like wild fire during a hot cake storm!

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