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It has been on our to-do list to-do a Blog so here it is!!

We have been humbled by the support and love we have received since our conception late 2012. As many of our close customers will already know we use to be “Sharkies” and proud of it, we owned hundreds of clothes from Black Milk, however we just knew that we could do it better, cheaper and without all the rules.

The amount of negativity is just ridiculous and really doesn’t help girls who already have low self-esteem or confidence issues. Further, it is obvious that our presence has caused them to address their price point and sharpen their game a bit, people now know you can get stretchy clothes with the same quality and better designs… cheaper and made for all sizes.

Anyway, enough of them we have surged ahead and created our own identity and we are super proud of it. 

A lot of girls have been calling for more releases and more designs, we hear you, but we want to really get the artwork right and make everything perfect before doing a release just for the sake of it, or for a quick buck. Our artists are among the best in the business and perfection means time. Furthermore, we ensure we have enough stock so all girls can buy them without creating a scenario where the stock levels start low deliberately to drive the demand of a particular product. 

Let’s talk about mermaids because they are favourite things to draw and make here at Living Dead, and to be very clear your can only get the mermaid fabric from one place in America unlike some ridiculous suggestions otherwise. haha


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