Hear no Evil, See no more Galaxy

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So everyone wants to know who is this Living Dead Clothing and why are they taking on other large companies who make leggings and other cool stretchy Nylon stuff… How dare they!!!

Well firstly we aren’t taking on anyone, we believe there is a big gap in the market for high quality commissioned artworks and parodies without the usual galaxy designs and cathedrals on Nylon. We employ some of the best artists in the world  to produce the very best pieces and our unbelievable growth is testament to the fact girls want our designs because they stand out so much, and it’s evident they are shying away from the boring and “easy to produce” designs others provide. We call it the “NO MORE GALAXY REVOLUTION”. 

Further, we made a clear decision early on in our planning to ensure all girls can enjoy our products and be comfortable in them and not have to be forced to down-size because they didn’t stock their specific size. This is just not fair. “Elitism I say”. We are designing more and more patterns which accommodate for all sizes, even XL, how scandalous of us! We even released an XXL in leggings. Shock Horror. Why? Because we love everyone and every girls should feel like a princess. 

So to infinity and beyond, just not via the Galaxy though :)



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