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Hey Deadites,

You’ve probably already spotted that we’ve been selling two very special pairs of leggings in store for a while now. Breast Cancer Awareness Leggings #1 and Breast Cancer Awareness Leggings #2. Here at Living Dead Clothing we wanted to contribute to the cause to the best of our ability, and the only thing we are good at is making awesome clothing, so we made cute Breast Cancer Awareness Leggings!

These leggings are $49, but any profit made on each sale goes straight to Breast Cancer Awareness — something we feel is important to support. Apparently, you guys do too, because so far we’ve made $1500. Thank you!

As you can see, these are very cute, and will maybe bring out your softer side. I mean look: Pink! Teddies! Birds! We hope you continue to support us and Breast Cancer Awareness by snapping these up, as once they are gone, they are gone…

That’s not the end of our charity fundraising though! We hope to support various charities on a regular basis by releasing special one-off garments. We like to give!

Which charities would you like to see us support in the future?

- Beth


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