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Here it is, the full list for the Mini-Nova Release!

Available Thursday 6pm AEST

- Zombie Beauty & The Beast
- Castlemania
- Thangka King
- Snow Black & The 7 Zombies
- Cuba
- Muz Reunion
- Snizzle Dog
- Dr Princesses
- Smash (24hr Only Made to Order) All sizes
- Zombie Kitty (24hr Only Made to Order) All sizes
- Michael Jackson Tribute (24hr Only Made to Order) All sizes
- Oh My Glob! (24hr Only Made to Order) All sizes
- Hero Time (24hr Only Made to Order) All sizes

- Chibi Zelda
- Zombie Time (Made to Order) All sizes
- Zombie Oz (Made to Order) All sizes
- Zombie Ariel (Made to Order) All sizes
- Poketime (Made to Order) All sizes
- Muz Reunion (Made to Order) All sizes

- Chibi Zelda

- Cuba

Made To Order

Now, a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that some items were going to be “Made To Order”. This still stands, so not only will all these items be MTO, but also a number of previous items that sell out regularly will also become MTO too! Hooray!

If you aren’t sure what MTO means, if an item sells out in your size, you will actually still be able to order it, and see it shipped within 7-10 days. When an item sells out but you request it, the team will get to work sewing up that size just for your order, mean you’ll still get to own a piece of beautiful nylon.

See you on Thursday, ready for feeding frenzy time! ;)


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