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Hey Deadites!

It’s been a while, huh? I hope you’re all still full up from Christmas dinners and New Year’s parties, and possibly sore in the wallet due to sales — such as ours!

Speaking of which, an enormous THANK YOU for heading over to our Boxing Day sale and release. It was absolutely EPIC, one of our biggest releases yet. There were so many thousands of orders, it took packing some time to get through ‘em all! However they are now all out and on their way to new orders, if they’ve not got to you already.

Anyway, just a few little updates to keep you in the loop. We’ve made some small tweaks to the site to make shopping a little easier for you. First all, the Made To Order (MTO) items are more obvious to spot, as are items that have gone out of stock (either temporarily or permanently). Learn more about what Made To Order means here.

Also, we have a lot of international fans, so we’ve now added a currency converter for all the major currencies, so you know exactly what you’re spending!

As far as the garments go, we are working hard to come out with heaps of new patterns, and we are in talks with some big companies about licensing deals…. but more on that at a later date! ;)

All our nylon is of course designed and made in Australia, by actual Australian workers, and we chose only the best materials for our clothing, so you know you’re paying for quality. Of course, we love to pass on great buys too, hence our current competitive pricing and no fear of holding a good old fashioned sale for our Deadites!

We love you, and as we’ve always said, a princess deserves only the best!

— Beth


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