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Hey Deadites!

Two things to get excited about this week: firstly, new release! Secondly, SAILOR SCOUTS!

Yep, our Sailor Moon skater dress was so popular, and you guys begged and pleaded for more themed dress from the series, we just had to oblige because we love Every Body. So we introduce Sailor Scouts 1.0/ Inner SailorScouts!

From Friday 9am AEST on June 6, you’ll be able to dress up not only as Serena (or Usagi to be correct!), but also Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. Which is your fave colour combo/character?

For those not in the know, Sailor Moon is a cute manga series focused on a group of girls with special powders, enlisted to protect theirworld from a variety of villains: the Sailor Soldiers. Each have their own power and uniform. The girls are led by Sailor Moon - our first dress.

‘Why are only the four of the uniforms available as dresses?’ I hear you cry. As you may have noticed, this release is called Sailor Scout 1.0, so the good news is we will have more Sailor Scout themed garments in the future, and Outer Sailor Scouts will follow soon after.

We hope you nab your favourite on Friday, please be mindful they are very high demand so they will go quickly. This is the perfect Cosplay outfit.



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