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Michelle/Michiru is graceful and delicate, with an aura of...

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Michelle/Michiru is graceful and delicate, with an aura of sophistication. She is very intelligent, and this usually manifests itself through art and music. Serena once commented that Michelle was the ideal example of a princess. Although Michelle is capable of sharp anger, and occasionally cold, her back story explaining that she is congenial but generally not social. With Michelle’s “Neptune Planet Power” she can transform into Sailor Neptune!
Sailor Neptune possesses powers associated with the sea and her attacks are based around the ocean or sea, precognition, and powers granted by her mirror. With her Deep Aqua Mirror she can perform “Submarine Reflection” to either reveal and enemy’s weakness or attack.
Sailor Neptune Skater Dress is Available in the Sailor Scout 2.0 Release 9am Friday 4th July


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