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Hey Deadites! So for a long time now a lot of you have asked when...

Posted on 20 July 2014

Hey Deadites!

So for a long time now a lot of you have asked when we’d consider making long torso swimsuits. we know a number of our Deadites are either tall, want more boob/booty room, or are just simply longer in the body than a standard swim measurement. It made us kind of sad that this could put someone off buying out epic swims.

We do like to say “no-one left behind”, so we’ve decided to trial LONG TORSO swimsuits!

Available July 24 at 5pm AEST.

So here’s the deal:

- they will be crafted out of our usual Italian fabric, so expect our typical top quality garment!
- the swims initially available in long torso will be Poketime, Mushroom, Chibi Zelda, Muz Man, Muz Reunion and Space Invaders - all your favourites!
- for now the trial will be limited to 50 pieces so be quick!
- the best news: as it’s a trial, we will offer these at just $40 AUD each!

So make sure you are ready on the 24th for some trial fun times! Will you be quick enough?


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