Jester Kitty and 72 Hour Releases

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Hey Deadites!

So something new happened on the site today… a new piece for you to get your claws on!

Check out the Jester Kitty Skater Dress, available from today and for another 72 hours only! You’re gonna need to act really fast on this one!

So, why are we doing 72 hour releases? Well, it’s quite simple really. While we love doing the bigger releases for you (and will continue to do so), we also want to give you something fresh and new while we get our latest items ready! The 72 hour limited runs will feature a range of things too, from popular prints on different cuts, to brand new designs we’ve been working on.

But of course, as these are only 72 hours, you must treat them like a normal limited item and get them as fast as you can! Once these babies are gone, they are certainly GONE.

So what do you think of the idea? Let us know!



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