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Hey Deadites!

We have lots of great new things coming up this week… so let’s great straight to it! Can you push it, push it real good?

Yep, that’s the name of our next release Push It Real Good, due Friday, 22 August at 5pm AEST. Get it in the diary!

We have loads of new designs to show off you, plus a few new styles too: please welcome the skater skirt, crop top, sleeveless crop and pencil skirt!

You’ll notice a couple of the skater skirts are just solid colours - always a good wardrobe staple for matching with your LDC printed items ;) However, they have all been specifically named after some of our fans, as of course you are our top priority! More of these to come in future too.

We also have more Doctor Who and Pokemon-inspired prints, plus a few other super cute designs drawn up by artists we collaborate with.

So, here’s what you can snatch up soon:

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“But wait, a certain feline is missing from this line up!” we hear you cry. We are currently in discussions over some misunderstandings and finer details over some of the designs in this release. Some designs will be delayed until these interpretations have been cleared up.

To be clear, we at Living Dead are dedicated to ensuring artists are not deprived of income. We always act in good faith and want to ensure all details are fully covered before release. So to ensure you guys don’t miss out we’ve added some of these other great designs to the upcoming release instead! :)

What do you think? let us know!


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