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Here’s the first in out Meet the Admins series, focusing on USA admin, Katie Louise!

“Hello Deadites and Future Deadites! I am Katie Louise, your one and only USA Admin! You may also recognize my face from the YouTubez (TheKatieCakez). I also make all the LDC videos ranging from new release sneak peaks to tips and questions answered.

I live in NY (pssst join our meet up!) not too far from the city, but I’m deff not a city girl. I love living on Long Island right in the middle, because I get the best of both worlds! A back yard to play and tan in, and malls and shopping centers only a few min away. If I really wanna go party, I can hit up NYC in about 45min.

To tell you my fave piece….well, it would have to be the one I helped create. The American Psycho dress! I gave them a little mock up of it and BOOM into production it went as a custom dress. A week later when I got it, the world exploded with wants for it, so it’s now a limited piece on the site. (MY NAME IS ON THE BACK HOW AWESOME?!) My Second fave would be my green mermaid legs, because who doesn’t wanna be a mermaid?

So when did I first get into LDC, you ask? Well, over a year ago, I was hunting down anything and everything with the little mermaid on it. Hottopic hadn’t released any of their “leggings” licensed by Disney yet, so I was at a loss for mermaids all over my booty. Searching through tags on Instagram, I came across this sick pair of leggings with Disney Princesses dressed up like they were in Sailor Moon. WHAT?! Both of those amazing things combined? Awesomesauce! I had to have them immediately. I tracked down the site and made my first order, and my first LDC review on my Youtube Channel.

A few months later, LDC posted a competition on their Facebook to win a pair of Celebrity Pony legs and I won! There went number two from LDC. It was all uphill from there! I bought my Muz Swim for NY Comiccon and wore it to meet Sir Patrick Stewart, Captain of the USS Enterprise. SWOOOOON!

Eventually Mel asked me to help with their YouTube presence and a Facebook page started to emerge. Being their number 1 USA fan, I became the USA admin. Thats where all the Deadites came into play. We started it towards the end of last year and look, we have over 1300 members now! How friggin’ cool!

Now we have an amazing group of people who help each other out with all sorts of things on a daily basis. LDC’s owners are in the group so they are super hands-on with everything. We get all the sneaks first! We even get to help pick out what will come out next. They ask for our ideas and LISTEN to them! Woot.

Sooooo in conclusion I absolutely LOVE being this involved with LDC. Please feel free to message me about anything, since once again, I’m your USA admin! When the Aussie girls are sleeping, I’m the one who’s awake!”


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