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Today, learn more about the admin for the LDC Facebook group, Rachel!

“My name is Rachel: admin for the Living Dead Clothing - The Deadites facebook group.

How did I hear about LDC?
I first came across LDC, when I was trying to find some Adventure Time clothing (at this point in time Nickelodeon and other brands had not released anything). I ended up finding someone selling their amazing second hand Zombie Time LDC on eBay. I checked the LDC website, and I was instantly hooked!

I have been in many different community groups on facebook, none of which I have ever actually enjoyed (I can’t stand drama and bitchiness). After being a member of the Deadite group for a number of months, I decided I really wanted to make the Deadite Facebook Group a super, happy, fun group whereby all members can enjoy sharing their love for LDC, and have a real support network of members whereby we become more of a family.

I put this idea forth to LDC’s Internet Liason Mel Page - she was definatley onboard with this idea and made me an admin :) At that point in time there was only around 250 members, hardly any of which were active other than a handful of Deadites…I mean their would be days where not a single person had posted in the group

I wanted interraction to start ASAP, but it wasn’t as easy as I’d thought. I started by sharing funny memes and posting selfies, my lunch (asking what others were having) etc… and when all hope was lost all of a sudden ‘BAM’ instantly people were befriending each other not only in the group but also via their personal Facebook profiles.

Common interest of LDC is what brought us together but things like, hobbies (talking about our workout routines etc), support (breakups), advice (hair) etc. has made everyone’s own personality stand out in the group! I for example am known as a Mermaid girl haha!

We have different themes every day which are fun to get involved in:
Sunday- Selfie Sunday
Monday- Mermaid Monday
Tuesday- LDC and socks or shoes day
Wednesday- Whip your hair Wednesday (hair style day or tips and tricks)
Thursday- Indulgence Day (what are you going to do for you today)
Friday- Flatlay Friday
Saturday- Peturday (share your pets)

The group disscusses lots of image ideas and types of clothing ideas that LDC also draw upon. LDC are always looking out for Deadites best interests, what do deadites want etc. Living Dead Clothing is such a great company that even the owners and workers are in the group and love chatting to all of us Deadites and getting to know us.

My first two items I got from LDC were my Poketime Swim and my Zombietime Swim. Since then, I’ve got lots of Mermaid leggings, a skirt, dresses and much more to look forward to! I love how LDC have their own look and graphics designers that create super cute artwork, in my opinion it stands above the rest ;P

Living Dead Clothing is my favourite Clothing Company! #deaditerevolution”


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