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Wow! How fast did our latest Sailor Moon series “Super Eternal Moon” sell out. We hope you all managed to get the ones you were after. Which one did you manage to score in today’s release?

Our Limited Super Sailor Moon skater dress is designed around Serena/Usagi’s transformation. The first change takes place when she obtains the Holy Grail and becomes Super Sailor Moon. Along with additional powers Serena/Usagi’s fuku completely transformers, the stripes on her dress collar become yellow, the most obvious change is her skirt is no longer blue and she now has a yellow bow adorned above her skirt.

Today’s release also features our limited design based on Serena/Usagi’s final form “Eternal Sailor Moon”. This Transformation is the result from the combined power of all the other Sailor Soldiers who gathered all of their strength to transform Sailor Moon into Eternal Sailor Moon! Almost nothing of her fuku remains the same; the dress collar was changed into a darker blue with three yellow stripes, the skirt transformed to yellow, red and blue. The back bow is also now gone, replaced by a new belt.

We hope you love your new items from our Sailor moon collection. We cannot wait to see all our deadites wearing their new sailor moon dresses, so make sure you tag us in your photos here on Tumblr or instagram using @livingdead_clothing, here are a few hashtags you can use as well #ldeternalsailormoonskater #ldsupersailormoonskater #livingdeadclothing.


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