Brisbane Deadites Meet up.

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How awesome is this! Our Brisbane Deadites arranged a meet up, where they had a planned photo shoot. During their photo shoot they go the chance to capture some of their favorite Living Dead Clothing pieces. And we finally got to see the photos. The photos show just how much fun Deadites have when you put them all together. We should also mention one of our talented Deadites was their photographer for the day, Talk about lucky!

Don’t they all look amazing? We totally love how our mermaid collection captures and reflects the light, every angle changes the look/colour of the material. Mermaids are a must have staple in every Deadites collection, in fact mermaid pieces are a popular first purchase item. And isn’t it obvious as to why! such a flattering collection.

We also got to see our Sailor Moon collection; the girls looked totally incredible in their Living Dead Clothing Sailor scout fukus, this part of the photo shoot looks like they had alot much fun. Not to mention how beautiful the back drop is in these photos.

The Deadites were also a tourist attraction, when they were asked if they could have their photo taken with some Japanese exchange students. How cute is this photo.

Deadites had the chance to wear some of their other favorite Living Dead Clothing designs, these photos are amazing. There were so many themes for this section of the photo shoot, picking which photos to share was hard. We got to see our Pokémon, Princess Sailor Moons and of course many of our Zombies prints in action.

It is totally awesome seeing all our Deadites come together as a big group while having so much fun. Nothing makes us happier then getting to see our designs being shown off and loved by so many.
P.S We love seeing everyone’s photos while wearing Living Dead Clothing so don’t forget to tag us on Tumblr and Instagram. Photogrpaher -


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