Do you even cosplay? We totally love seeing our Deadites using their Living Dead Clothing when...

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Do you even cosplay? We totally love seeing our Deadites using their Living Dead Clothing when cosplaying or just having fun dressing up.

One amazing thing about our collection is, it can be worn for everyday use or as a cosplay/costume item. There are so many ways to incorporate your Living Dead Clothing when cosplaying. We wanted to share a few photos that our Deadites have submitted.

One of our most popular designs used when cosplaying is our Sailor Moon Collection. We now have a large collection of Sailor Scouts, including Super and Eternal Moon, so the choice of which Sailor Scout you want to be is endless, you just have to pick!

What could be more amazing then 1 Sailor Moon? It has to be a whole group of Sailor Scouts! This photo was taken during our Brisbane Deadites meet up. They had an amazing day which included a photo shoot, and the photos look so awesome!

This next photo features Sarah, who uses a lot of her Living Dead Clothing collection when cosplaying or doing her photo shoots. This is one of her photo entry into our current Deadites photo competition. Sarah looks amazing dressed as a Gothic Sailor Saturn.

We have seen so many amazing costumes inspired by our large mermaid collection.Mermaids have been a popular item and usually tends to be a new Deadites first piece, we now make leggings, crops, skater dresses, bodycon dresses and skirts and even a body suit, which is featured in this next photo.

This photos below shows our Deadite Julia, who wore this cosplay to Sydney’s OZ Comic Con, and has also entered these photos into our deadites photos competition. Julia is cosplaying Mera, Queen of Atlantis and wife of Aquaman. Doesn’t she looks totally amazing in her green mermaid leggings and zip body suit

Thought we would share another mermaid inspired cosplay which features our Green and traditional Mermaid Leggings. Jess is actually a performing Mermaid, so our mermaid collection fits right into her cosplaying and life.

Check out Caitlin’s Zelda inspired photos shoot. How totally amazing are these photos. It shows just how easy it is to incorporate your Living Dead Clothing into either every day wear, with your cosplaying or themed photo shoots. Caitlin is wearing her Chibi Zelda skater and Leggings, both which are available on our website.

Last but not least we love seeing our Pokemon inspired collection used to cosplay with or just for having fun dressing up with. We see our Deadite Sarah featured again, in her Pika Crop from one of our latest releases “push it, real good” this crop is so cute and bright.

If you have any Living Dead Clothing inspired cosplays or themed photos shoots, we would love to see them all. So make sure you remember to tag us in your photos. you can use the tag #livingdeadclothing and #deadite

Thank you to all the featured Deadites for sharing your photos. You all look amazing and we cant wait to see more.

Dont forget to check out our website. We have so many new and amazing items available.


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