Halloween! Blood Splatter Everything

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With the spookiest holiday of the year tomorrow, everyone at LDC HQ have been planning their outfits like crazy! We know a few will be rocking our newly released “blood splatter” design. LDC HQ cant wait to see everyone’s pictures from Halloween parties and their trick or treating.

Our blood splatter range was a huge hit with our Deadites, which does not surprise us at all. Deadites asked for bloody awesomeness and we delivered! A totally of 6 styles were released in our recent Halloween collection,. We know right! 6 styles to chose from, we made it bloody hard for Deadites to narrow down which style they wanted (pun intended :D )!

Did you get your hands on one of our bloody amazing Skater dresses? Skater dresses are perfect for so many climates and look wicked on everyone.

A skater skirt is a staple in any Deadites wardrobe, skirts are a super fun way to to mix and match your outfit and change it up every time you wear it.

What about our bloody wicked leggings? Who wouldn’t want to walk around wearing these while trick or treating, or like HQ staff all year round. The Blood Splatter Leggings were a limited run so we hope you managed to get your hands on a pair before the sold out.

Deadites love to represent the LDC community and what better way to represent LDC then with our new Deadite crop top, covered in dripping blood splatters its going to look amazing on everyone.

And last but not least our Blood Splatter Bummers and our newly redesigned Deadite Revolution crop top, perfect for Halloween with the blood splatter all over it. This is a killer outfit, we can even see out gym and pole fitness girls wearing these to their lessons.

We want to wish our Deadites and their families a safe and fun Halloween, we hope you all have a bloody good but safe time. Please remember to only walk streets which are lit up well, only trick or treat where front lights are on, take torch and walk in groups! Be safe and have a wicked time.

All designs are available here on our website - http://livingdead.com.au/collections/halloweenhttp://livingdead.com.au/collections/halloween


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