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Well, hello there everyone!

When Bec and Rachel asked me to join the team and become an admin for the Deadite group on Facebook, how could I say no? I’ve only been in the group for a few months, but I am a very active member (read: I talk A LOT) so I guess they decided to make it official.

I’m 28 and live on the Gold Coast in Queensland - not too far from LDC HQ in Brisbane! I am a total geek and I love gaming, although I’m not the greatest. :D I’m obsessed with cosplay and fashion, so getting involved with a company like LDC has been wonderful.

I didn’t know a lot about LDC when I bought my first pair of mermaid leggings last year, but after joining the group in May, I’ve come to adore the brand and my fellow Deadites. I love dressing up and accessorising, and a lot of the outfits I share include popular LDC items.

I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite piece, but I am proud of my Sailor Scout skater dress collection. I have four more to buy before it’s complete. I even managed to snare the limited Eternal and Super Moon skaters in the first run. In case you can’t tell, I’m a major Sailor Moon fan girl. I can’t wait to buy a couple of the new body suits. :D

I would encourage everyone to join the Deadite group. I was a bit unsure when I requested to join, as I suffer from social anxiety, but everyone is incredibly upbeat, friendly, and welcoming. I’ve made some pretty awesome friends in the last six months, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Except maybe some more nylon. :D :D :D


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